We answer all of your questions regarding shapewear


In this section, you will learn everything there is to know about shapewear and why it would be a good idea for you to start using it.

There are various types of shapewear, the most popular one being a body shaper. The body shaper is a full-body item that is designed to smoothen and shape your entire body. Furthermore, there are thongs and tights that are designed to smoothen and shape your rear end, stomach area and thighs.

The benefits of using shapewear are numerous. Shapewear is designed to make you feel more comfortable in your body by smoothing , shaping and lifting the natural curves of your body, thus giving you a boost of confidence. When using shapewear, every single outfit you wear will seem more fitting for your body. What’s not to like?

Several different brands sell shapewear, and each brand has its own unique style. SHABES was launched when we were tired of the fact that quality often meant way-too-high prices. Instead, we strive to support our customers and offer shapewear of the highest quality at affordable prices. If you want to read more about us, we think you should take a look here.

We’ve listened to your questions and answered them there.

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Shapewear is a collective term for a wide range of innovative underwear that shapes and highlights your natural curves in just the right way. It is often referred to as shape underwear, firming underwear, or modern corset for belly and waist.

Shapewear gives you a slim and beautiful silhouette, improves your posture, holds your stomach in, lifts your buttocks and smooths out all lines. The result?Whatever you are wearing, it fits perfectly. Shapewear comes in several different models, primarily bodysuits, panties and tights. That way, you can choose which areas of your body you want to shape and tighten up.

Quality, comfort and delicacy are factors you will not find in any other shapewear on the market. SHABES is designed in Denmark and produced in Europe where we work with a sustainable certified manufacturer. Our core values are power, comfort and sustainability and we use only the best materials on the market.

For full comfort we use Nylon 6.6, which is more expensive to make but the comfort difference for the body and skin makes it all worthwhile. The material is temperature regulating and lets your skin breathe.

To achieve optimal effect and functionality in our shapewear, we use Lycra® Shaping Technology. The material is a new elastane developed specifically for shapewear from Lycra®. It works actively with your body, tightens in the right places and lifts up at the back.

For sustainability combined with comfort, we use Sensil® Eco-Care. The material reduces CO2 consumption by up to 70%, water consumption by up to 80% and saves up to 55% energy in the production phase. In all modesty, we call it shapewear that respects both the female body and the planet.

It's actually quite simple. Forget all the associations with old-fashioned ‘corset-like’ shapewear that sits badly and tightens in an uncomfortable way.

Modern and seamless shapewear like SHABES is developed with the female body and comfort in mind. Yes, it shapes the body, lifts the buttocks up and tightens the stomach, but at the same time it is comfortable to wear and looks gorgeous.

The right shapewear is what suits you, your body and the desires you have for tightening, correcting and lifting certain areas of your body. That said, of course, pay attention to the materials and quality of the shapewear you choose to ensure both comfort and durability.

If this is the first time you are trying shapewear, we recommend that you start with either our high-waisted SHABES High-Cut Panties or SHABES Mid-Thigh Tights, both of which give you a really nice effect on the abdomen and buttocks, and are suitable for all kinds of use. If you want a more all-round shaping effect, we recommend our SHABES Extended Bodysuit.

Here is a small guide based on our collection:

Stomach first. Here you get optimal effect with our SHABES G-STRING THONG, which gently shapes and tightens the abdomen. If you are more into tights, you can also choose our SHABES Mid-Thigh Tights which have the same effect on the body and keep the stomach in.

When it comes to the waist, our beautiful SHABES High-Cut Bodysuit is a great choice. It highlights your waist in the best way and gives you the feminine and seductive hourglass figure that many dream of.

You get the perfect bum with our SHABES Mid-Thigh Tights, which lift and tone the buttocks. The seamless design ensures that the transition from tights to thighs and abdomen appears nice and uniform.

Who wouldn't want to tighten their thighs up? Our SHABES Extended Tights or Extended Bodysuit gives you beautiful and toned thighs.

We love all our styles! But if we had to choose one that really does well all around, it must be our SHABES Extended Bodysuit.

It gives you maximum firming effect by holding the abdomen and waist in, lifting the buttocks and tightening the thighs.

Definitely. Tall. Short. Rounded. Slender. Big or small breasts. Shapewear can be used by anyone, and everyone will benefit from the smoothing, firming and toning effect it provides.

No. Basically, choose your normal size. Shapewear should be comfortable, and you will get the best and most beautiful effect if you are true to your size. A good rule of thumb is that if it leaves marks on your skin, it is too tight. We recommend that you follow our shapewear size guide.

No, there is no need to sleep in shapewear. Although our shapewear is so comfortable that you certainly could, it can be healthy to give your body a break from the firming effect.

There is no simple answer to that question. We can give some guidance, but since all bodies are different, you have to find out what exactly you think works best for you and your wardrobe.

Here are a few examples:

The tight jeans: A good offer here are our tights – either Mid-Thigh or Extended – which both tone and tighten the thighs and keep the stomach in.

The nice trousers: Here you can choose to go with both our high-waisted G-string Thong and tights depending on whether you want lifting and shaping only of the buttocks and abdomen, or also want to feel the effect on your thighs.

The snug-fitting dress: There are two good choices here; either our high-waisted SHABES High-Cut Bodysuit, which tightens at the waist, lifts the buttocks, holds the stomach in and gives a nice hourglass figure, or our SHABES Extended Bodysuit, which gives you the same effect plus toning of the thighs.

Some believe that you should and others believe you shouldn’t.

If you ask us, the answer is no. Shapewear replaces your regular underwear and is just as hygienic. If you want extra protection at times – for example when you menstruate – you can wear a panty underneath. However, you should be aware that it can impair the shaping effect and therefore is not always optimal.

Yes, but you have to be prepared for the fact that it's probably a little more elaborate. At SHABES, we have chosen to go with maximum effect in our shapewear, and therefore you will find that it takes a little extra to get it on and off. If you want adjustable straps that make it easier, choose our products from the SHABES Your Everyday collection.

Yes! However, to take the best possible care of your shapewear, we recommend that you use a gentle washing program and refrain from using fabric softener.

Our shapewear consists of an ultra-forming fabric with strong hold, which can extend over 100%. For the sake of the performance of the material, it is therefore important that you do not wear your shapewear until it is completely dry.

If you are someone who just cannot leave your shapewear at home, we recommend that you buy two sets.

There is nothing stopping you from using shapewear every day, however as with so much else, your body needs variety, and although our shapewear is comfortable to wear and safe for use every day, it's a good idea to give your body a break every now and then.

As with so much else in life, you usually get what you pay for. That said, you certainly do not need to spend a fortune to get sleek and functional shapewear.

We have spent two years designing and constructing the perfect shapewear at a price that suits everyone. Our products range between £45 to £99.

Yes, you can. In fact, many believe that the light compression that shapewear provides can ease menstrual cramps. However, it is a good idea to use a regular panty under your shapewear if you want to be sure to avoid stains.