SHABES High-Cut Thong Bodysuit


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Color: 34

Buy your christmas present safely at Shabes. We make our shapewear in Europe and always keeps stock!

Flirtatious femme fatale with a true hourglass-figure. BODYSUIT THONG from SHABES ensures the exact look you dream about. The bodysuit is both feminine, sexy, and comfortable – while also tightening gently in all the right places. The combination with the build-in bra and adjustable straps together with the comfortable, tightening material gives you an absolute gorgeous sweep at the hips and torso, and accentuates your waist in the finest way.

  • Tightens-up and shapes your buttocks, waist, stomach, and breast
  • Formfitting cut which accentuates the waist
  • A seamless design makes it invisible beneath your clothes
  • Adjustable straps
  • Soft and comfortable material

- 30% Lycra® Shaping Technology®
- 40% Sensil® EcoCare®
- 30% Nylon

At SHABES we prioritise “planet and people before profit” and assign a higher priority to sustainability and socially responsible production than to the prize.

Our materials, packaging, and conditions of production are selected from a list of criteria regarding sustainability:

  • Socially responsible production
  • Use of resources
  • Environmental impact
  • Carbon footprint

Read more about how we are sustainable on the page about sustainable shapewear.

Can you wash shapewear in the washing machine?

Yes! However, to best take care of your shapewear we recommend using a delicate washing program and avoiding fabric softener. Our shapewear consists of an ultra-shaping fabric with a strong hold that can stretch more than 100%. With consideration for the yield of the material it is important you do not use your shapewear before it’s completely dry – once in a while it would be a good idea to leave it in the drawer for a day to give the material an opportunity to re-entangle. If you’re the type of person, who just can’t leave your shapewear at home, then we recommend buying two sets of the same kind.

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